36 Napo 10 gouts - dark chocolate & milk chocolate

36 Napo 10 gouts - dark chocolate & milk chocolate

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Box with 36 chocolate square : 3 milk chocolate salt, 3 Dark chocolate coffee,3 Dark chocolate ginger, 3 dark chocolate cardamom, 6 dark chocolate cinnamon, 3 milk chocolat nougatine, 3 dark chocolate pink peper, 6 milk chocolate speculoos, 3 plain dark chocolate, 3 plain milk chocolate
220 grams (7.76 oz)
180 grams (6.35 oz)
The Experience

We've found the perfect all around chocolate gift! Zaabar's 36 Napo 10 Gouts is probably one of the most diverse collections of different flavored chocolates available today. If you're looking for special birthday gift ideas, anniversary chocolates, or valentines day chocolates, this incredible mix of flavors should definitely be added to your list.


Zaabar's offers one of its biggest selections of chocolate treats to you with the 36 Napo 10 Gouts pack. Have a mix of different but complementary flavors with chocolate gift boxes like this! Some of its flavors include milk chocolate salt, dark chocolate ginger, dark chocolate cinnamon, and milk chocolat nougatine.


Zaabar's 36 Napo 10 Gouts is an impeccable mix of chocolate treats that would give you the best chocolate tasting experience in the world. Have a taste of sweet, spice, and everything nice with its milk chocolate salt bars, dark chocolate coffee bars, dark chocolate cinnamon bars, and dark chocolate ginger bars, among others.

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Edward on 11/13/2018
It was my Mother's Day gift to mom. She called me the next saying how she loved these chocolates. My dad too loved it. Great gift for your loved ones.
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