Antica Gianduia Pistachio w/golden spoon 150g (5.29 oz)

Antica Gianduia Pistachio w/golden spoon 150g (5.29 oz)

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Soft creamy milk gianduia
260 grams (9.17 oz)
150 grams (5.29 oz)
The Experience

A gift of luxury chocolate for mother's day is going to make your mom smile for days and weeks. Surely, nothing beats a thoughtful chocolate gift for a loving mom.


For years, pistachio has not received the attention it deserves, but with the Antica Gianduia Pistachio with golden spoon, this under-appreciated, ridiculously delicious nut finally takes centerstage. buy chocolates online today!


The pistachio flavour replaces hazelnut to give a unique chocolate tasting experience.
You don't need to worry about going overboard in eating too much of it since they have less calories compared to other varieties of nuts.
The small pieces of nut placed on top provides texture to the smooth and creamy gianduia that will make you crave for another bite.

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Prisha Hall on 2/21/2019
The nuts and the chocolate go so well with each other. Two thumbs up!
Lily-Anne Johnson on 2/21/2019
I love pistachio icecream, so I figured I would also really love pistachios on chocolate. And I was right! This is amazing!
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