Apricot with walnut - Organic dark chocolate

Apricot with walnut - Organic dark chocolate

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The apricot, soft and enveloping, meets the typical walnut fleshiness in a snack which is both punchy and delicate. Our raw dark chocolate coating does the rest.
29 grams (1.02 oz)
28 grams (0.99 oz)
The Experience

Searching for birthday gift ideas? Search no more because Cacao Crudo offers Apricot with walnut covered with organic dark chocolate— an extremely good and healthy chocolate treat for your friends that you can feast over. Taste the goodness in every bite and discover the qualities of the apricots enveloped by the smoothness of the dark chocolate. Not too juicy, but undeniably sweet and smooth.


Apricot with walnut covered with organic dark chocolate are the ideal gift chocolates for your friends who love sweet and tangy flavors. Apricots are not only for tarts, but also for dark chocolates! A delicious snack that contains exciting flavors and raw organic ingredients that will soothe and satisfy your pleasures and cravings.

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Amiya Burn on 2/21/2019
The apricots are divine, especially when mixed with chocolate. Must try, definitely!
Maisy Hammond on 2/21/2019
It's my third time to purchase these, and I am sure that I will order again!
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