Zaabar - Gingembrette -100 gr (Ginger) - Chocolate with Fruit

Gingembrette -100 gr (Ginger) - Chocolate with Fruit

Gingembrette -100 gr (Ginger) - Chocolate with Fruit

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The range Titti Frutti propose to you deliciuous sticks of candied fruits. For an intense pleasure ginger is coated with chocolate. A perfect sweetness for the connoisseurs, who like mixture of chocolate and fruit.
125 grams
7cm X 15cm X 4cm
100 grams
The Experience

christmas chocolates are perfect to consume during cold Decembe nights! Let these sticks of candied ginger coated with chocolate spice you and loved one up on a winter night. It's a perfect match to a hot coffee while relaxing after an exhausting day of work. This tutti frutti will suffice your cravings for chocolate and fruit combined - guaranteed!


The winning combination of chocolate and ginger brings you to the most favorite holiday of all time - Christmas. These christmas chocolate gifts online are as sophisticated a treat for the adults as they are for the kids. You will definitely fail to resist this tempting treat.


The ginger-chocolate combination gives you an explosive mix of chocolate tasting sweetness. Gingembrette ties everything together for an indulgent treat. This gives you not just a sweet taste; it also comes along with a signature kick of spice especially if you are not a fan of a sacchariferous chocolate.

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