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KAKAU Ceylon

KAKAU Ceylon

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Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder with Spices from Cylon
250 grams
15cm X 14cm X 4cm
225 grams
The Experience

Searching for a happy anniversary chocolate unlike any other? Indulge in a delicious cup of KAKAU Ceylon Dark Drinking Chocolate Powder with Spices from Ceylon with someone you love and undeniably win their affection. Mixed with special spices from Ceylon, this chocolate drink mix is perfect for special days with your loved ones. They will surely cherish getting a chocolate gifts online for anniversary from you.


The creamy blend of dark chocolate and organic kick of spices from Ceylon is something you and your loved one will surely enjoy. The earthy spices completely elevate your mood and complement the bittersweet chocolate. Perfect chocolate gift ideas, you are sure to entirely enjoy this flavorful beverage whether hot or cold.


On a rainy day or cold night, bring yourself to the breathtaking views of Ceylon. Bask in the wide farms full of spices and wonders. The wonderful taste of Ceylon spices will surely take you away and remind you bright summer days and wonderful sceneries. Drink a cup today and enjoy the best tasting chocolate drink.

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