Zaabar - KLASSIC Lait Spéculoos

KLASSIC Lait Spéculoos

KLASSIC Lait Spéculoos

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The KLASSIC is a 100 gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and the freshness of the product. Case including a chocolate bar with speculoos.110 gr. The tablet is vacuum packed for better preservation of flavors and freshness. The Belgian gift par excellence! The Speculoos is the Belgian biscuit par excellence. The strong presence of spices makes one think of gingerbread with hard dough. This biscuit is made of brown sugar, with a touch of cinnamon and a mixture of ginger, anise, mace and clove. Delicious with coffee and of course.
110 grams
13cm X 13cm X 1cm
100 grams
The Experience

Let this chocolate treat spice up your loved ones' day with its sweet taste with a hint of spice. If you want to give anniversary chocolates, corporate chocolate gifts, wedding chocolate favors, or valentines day chocolates, Zaabar's KLASSIC Lait Speculoos should be the confection to choose.


Let Zaabar's KLASSIC Lait Speculoos remind you of a warm, tropical paradise with its incredible blend of spice and sweet chocolate. The taste of cinnamon, gingerbread, and a touch of nuts combined with milk chocolate will definitely be a chocolate gift boxes that anyone would be happy to receive.


Experience sweetness with a touch of spice with Zaabar's KLASSIC Lait Speculoos. This delicious confection is a chocolate tasting experience that you wouldn't forget, reminding you of the aromatic gingerbread flavor combined with the best tasting chocolate around. While having a cup of coffee, consider pairing it up with the KLASSIC Lait Speculoos.

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