Morbide Sensazioni 130g (4.59 oz) - Assorted chocolate pralines

Morbide Sensazioni 130g (4.59 oz) - Assorted chocolate pralines

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Assorted chocolate pralines 16 pcs 4 cremino, 4 hot pepper pralines, 4 violet pralines, 4 wafer pralines
300 grams (10.58 oz)
130 grams (4.59 oz)
The Experience

Looking for anniversary chocolates? like christmas chocolates or valentines day chocolates, Each of the 130-gram Morbide Sensazioni chocolate comes in an elegantly designed box which makes it a great gift for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, your honeymoon.


If variety is what you look for, variety is what you get with the Morbide Sensazioni gift chocolates. Make someone feel special today with this chocolate gift boxes.


Boasting a wide range of exciting flavors, the lustful box contains 16 pieces of 4 assorted chocolate praline flavours from the sweet cremino, hot pepper pralines, sophisticated violet pralines, and scrumptious wafer pralines. Experience some of the best tasting chocolate selection in this box!

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Alice on 11/13/2018
Everything about your chocolate was perfect; it was easy to place an order. I got my order in time as well. Good job!
Jana Smith Williams on 8/6/2018
They taste good. I would rebuy, Bit expensive
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