Zaabar - Orangettes - 100 gr (Orange) - Chocolate Coated Orange

Orangettes - 100 gr (Orange) - Chocolate Coated Orange

Orangettes - 100 gr (Orange) - Chocolate Coated Orange

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The range Titti Frutti propose to you deliciuous sticks of candied fruits. For an intense pleasure orange is coated with chocolate. A perfect sweetness for the connoisseurs, who like mixture of chocolate and fruit.
125 grams
7cm X 15cm X 4cm
100 grams
The Experience

Let these Orangettes from Zaabar satisfy your better half's craving for the tropics in these zesty dried oranges. Treat it as Father's Day chocolate gifts or mothers day chocolates gifts, or anniversary chocolates. Packed with a multitude of flavors, these orangettes are a great treat to boring days. It's perfect for cold rainy days when one needs some color and zest in their life.


A pleasurable marriage of chocolate and orange in one bites Orangettes from Zaabar is an explosion of flavors in every bite. Don't be deceived by the dainty appearance of these chocolate gifts online as they are a packed with the magical flavor of oranges and melt in your mouth chocolate.


An amazing twist of flavor, Orangettes takes you to the bountiful orange farm where these distinctively good oranges were handpicked. A chocolate packed with lots of excitement, the best tasting chocolate orangettes will surely perk you up for the long day ahead.

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