Zaabar - ORIGIN Chorotegas - Chocolate Bar

ORIGIN Chorotegas - Chocolate Bar

ORIGIN Chorotegas - Chocolate Bar

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The Experience

The Zaabar Origin Chorotegas is the perfect gift for that someone you know who is fun, vibrant, and has that zest for life. Brighten up someone's day on his birthday, and add sweetness to their daily routine with a bar of Origin Chorotegas as a happy birthday chocolate. Birthday gift ideas never tasted this luscious, serve it beside special chocolate birthday cake.


The Zaabar Origin Chorotegas, with its 64% cocoa content, is characterized by an exquisite bitter taste. The Chorotegas marries the bitter taste of the dark chocolate with a delicate smokey taste, that gives it a traditional, soft and delicious taste. This fusion of flavors in these chocolate gift boxes makes every bite a wonderful and pleasing experience.


The Zaabar Origin Chorotegas is as magnificent as its namesake, Costa Rica. The Origin Chorotegas' flavor is traditional yet different, soft yet powerful. Each chocolate tasting bite will take you to Costa Rica's majestic rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica. Enjoy this delectable chocolate, and feel the warmth of Costa Rica envelope you with every bite.

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