Perle-di-Toscana-190g (6.70 oz) - Praline Truffle

Perle-di-Toscana-190g (6.70 oz) - Praline Truffle

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Assorted chocolate pralines 16 pcs 4 pistachio pearl, 4 almond pearl, 4 classic truffle, 4 hazelnut pearl.
360 grams (12.70 oz)
190 grams (6.70 oz)
The Experience

This Christmas, add joy to the festivity when you give your family and friends Christmas chocolates. Consider the Perle di Toscana for a never-ending satisfaction 'til the last bite.


Chocolates are among the best love gifts you can give to let the people you care about how you feel. Make their hearts melt with chocolate gift boxes containing the Perle di Toscana.


Experience the best tasting chocolate in this box containing 16 pieces of truffle delights. The sweet treats packaged in each box were made using the best ingredients to elevate the flavour of dark chocolate such as pistachio, truffle, almond, and hazelnut. Each pearl will surely satisfy any craving you have for chocolate.
Surprise your loved ones with these gifts and they will surely rave how rich and luxurious the chocolate feels with every bite.

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Jade on 10/13/2018
Can't get enough of this!! its so addicting that you will ask for more. Will definitely buy again.
Ernie Carpenter on 6/20/2018
Surprise your loved ones with a special and luxurious chocolate bars in one box. Let them indulge with 16 pieces of truffle delights.
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