Riccetti-80g (2.82 oz) - Chocolate Praline

Riccetti-80g (2.82 oz) - Chocolate Praline

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Pralines with almond chips
160 grams (5.64 oz)
80 grams (2.82 oz)
The Experience

The splendour in this majestic creation is the perfect way to make your better half feel extra special. A luxurious experience of adventure awaits with the variety of praline flavour and constancy of the almond nuts, all beautifully crafted into an extraordinary masterpiece of delight in this happy anniversary chocolate. buy chocolates online and Order today for an unforgettable chocolate tasting experience.


Premium almond chips grace this delectable bunch of praline chocolate gifts online. Experience luxury in every bite-size chocolate with golden pieces of almonds fused together for a tasty treat.


Made in Italy with the finest ingredients and expert techniques, this box of goodness is sure to impress with its quality and flavour which will certainly capture one's taste buds. Order today for an unforgettable chocolate tasting experience.

Clients' Reviews

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Susan on 11/13/2018
The Riccetti-80g Chocolate Praline comes in a beautiful box. It was my birthday gift to my sister. The chocolates come in different flavors and have pieces of almonds, melts quickly in your mouth.
Alexander on 6/9/2018
Very good chocolate excellent for me the best chocolate I've tried.
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