Schokocaff Mix - roasted coffee beans coated with assorted chocolate

Schokocaff Mix - roasted coffee beans coated with assorted chocolate

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Box of roasted coffee beans coated with assorted chocolate - 150 gr. Schokocaff are coffee beans coated with chocolateBlack, Milk or White. Each grain is selected carefully for its aromatic and taste qualities.
170 grams (6.00 oz)
150 grams (5.29 oz)
The Experience

Looking for chocolate for anniversary? With an assortment of different chocolatey flavors, the Schokocaff Mix is a great beverage when you are with some who loves adventure and excitement. An appropriate drink for dates with someone special, this exciting coffee mix highlights sweet and strong flavors that will be a topic for you and your date. order chocolates online today!


The SCHOKOCAFF Mix packs a great variety of flavors in every cup. With different tastes and textures of gift chocolates in this beverage, this delicious and sweet drink will satisfy your sweet tooth. The wonderful and clean taste is a a reflection of the exquisite aroma of every cup of SCHOKOCAFF Mix.


The SCHOKOCAFF Mix invites you to enjoy sweet treats in a unique chocolate tasting experience. Best paired with sweet desserts, this mix will surely make you put yourself in a quaint coffee shop with the best selection of doughnuts and cakes. Have deep and meaningful conversations with a cup of SCHOKOCAFF Mix.

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Vanessa on 11/13/2018
These are roasted coffee beans coated with a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate. I am in love with these and finished the first pack in just 2 days. It tastes very delicious.
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