Sottili Profumi 140g (4.94 oz) - chocolate praline

Sottili Profumi 140g (4.94 oz) - chocolate praline

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Assorted chocolate pralines 16 pcs 4 cremino, 4 croccantino pralines, 4 rose pralines, 4 jasmine pralines
310 grams (10.93 oz)
140 grams (4.94 oz)
The Experience

This sophisticated chocolate box is a sure hit during special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. Get the 'yes' you've been dreaming of with this valentines day chocolates delivery.


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A luxury chocolate box that offers a fantastic range of 16 chocolate pralines that you wouldn’t want to miss: 4 cremino, 4 croccantino pralines, 4 rose pralines, and 4 jasmine pralines. The luscious chocolate blends well with the aroma and unique flavours of rose and jasmine, while the texture of the croccantino praline make each bite quite unforgettable. If you're wondering how to get best tasting chocolate experience like an expert, today's the best time to find out!

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Chai on 10/8/2018
Great assortment of high quality chocolate. A perfect gift box!
Anastacia Liberman on 6/5/2018
The Sottili Profumi offers a range of different pralines in one box. Each made with select ingredients to give you the most tasteful chocolate ever.
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